What is Oil Pulling?

If you have been watching natural news about dental health, you may be wondering what is oil pulling. This is an ancient remedy for tooth and gum problems that hails from India. It is renowned for providing natural teeth whitening and strengthening and nourishing the gums. It is the act of swishing a natural oil around in the mouth first thing every morning to clean and nourish the teeth and gums. It is said to remove plaque and eliminate toxins as well as providing overall health and wellness benefits.

When you search “oil pulling” online, you will find many testimonials from patients who were suffering from tooth and gum problems and found relief with this simple and innovative practice. These testimonials recount amazing benefits that reach beyond oral hygiene. People say that the practice of this method has helped clear up infections, headaches, skin conditions, liver problems, arthritis, allergies, asthma and many more problems. This only makes sense because it is well known that bacteria in the mouth can cause problems throughout the body.

What is involved?

Of course, one major aspect of wondering what is it is wondering how to do it! It is really very easy and simple. You just use a natural oil such as olive oil, sesame oil or coconut oil. You swish a couple of tablespoons of the oil around in your mouth for twenty minutes first thing in the morning before doing anything else. If you have severe dental and gum problems, you can do it more often. Meditation or morning yoga might be a good accompaniment to this activity to make it an even better overall health and wellness treatment.

oil pulling

It is important to swish the oil around for the entire twenty minutes to break down plaque and root out bacteria. As you swish, the oil will pick up saliva and bacteria and work its way deeply into the crevices in your gum tissues. When you spit the oil out, it will be white. You should spit it into a trash can rather than into your sink or toilet because the oil can interfere with your plumbing. Be careful not to swallow the oil because it will be full of bacteria.

Pulling is a synergistic activity that brings tremendous benefits.

In the final analysis, the simple answer is that it is the act of swishing a natural oil around in your mouth for twenty minutes a day to clean your teeth and nourish your gums. The deeper and more complete answer is that it is a practice that can strengthen your gums, whiten your teeth and help you enjoy better overall health by removing excessive and negative bacteria from your mouth and supporting detoxification of the entire system. The benefits of this simple, affordable practice are far greater than the sum of its parts making this method an excellent, synergistic addition to your health and wellness routine.

How To Do It?

Although oil pulling is still considered a new healing concept in countries such as the United States, it has been used as a method of healing for many centuries in countries such as China and India. Many have heard of the phrase, but they are unsure how to do it. This technique is considered a form of alternative healing and it involves swishing an edible oil such as coconut oil or sunflower oil in your mouth for 15 minutes to 20 minutes and then spitting the oil out. You are supposed to avoid swallowing any of the oil during the process.

The Health Benefits

It sounds very simple and it is actually simple to do. Not only it is simple, it is also very powerful. It provides many different types of health benefits.

Detox is one of the surprising benefits that many people are not aware of. It is very effective at removing toxins from the body when performed on a regular basis.

Increased metabolism is another benefit. It increases the rate in which the body burns fat, and therefore, the method can help a person lose those stubborn excess pounds. Once you learn how to do oil pulling, your body will eventually be restored to its natural weight.

The Step By Step Guide

The best time of the day to perform pulling method is in the morning before you have had anything to eat or drink. You will then take one tablespoon full of the oil that you have chosen and pour the oil into your mouth. Children can also do it by using a reduced amount of oil and under the supervision of an adult so that they do not accidentally swallow the oil.

You will then begin to swish the oil around in your mouth. Move it around as if it were mouthwash, but avoid gargling or tilting your head back. The oil will become diluted as saliva begins to mix in. If the muscles in your face become sore during the process, you are putting too much effort into it. It is supposed to be a relaxing way to get some health benefits for your body.

Oil pulling can be somewhat unpleasant the first few times that you try, so if you feel the urge to swallow, do so. You will soon become comfortable with the process and it will become a part of your morning routine.

The best way to tell that the process is working is by looking at the color and consistency of the oil. If the oil turns into a milky looking substance, the oil is effectively removing the toxins from the body.

After you have completed your session, you will then need to rinse your mouth with warm salt water. You can use regular table salt for the rinse. The number of times a week you choose to oil pull is up to you. Many people complete the process once a week; others complete the process several times a week.

Learning how to do it is not a complicated process. It is a simple technique that can provide healing benefits to the body.

The Method and Benefits

The ancient art of oil pulling has recently regained favor as a remedy for both oral health and for detoxification. This method is really rather simple and can make a huge difference to your teeth, gums, mouth and even your throat

The Method

The art of this method simply involves putting a teaspoon of oil into your mouth – coconut oil is favored by some people, others prefer sesame oil (cold pressed and organic of course) and then swishing the oil around in the mouth for a few minutes – around 10 or 15 minutes before spitting out the oil.

Which Oils Work Best and Have the Most Benefits

* Cold pressed extra virgin olive oils
* Cold pressed Coconut oil
* Cold pressed Sunflower oil
* Cold pressed olive oil

Some people do advocate using a variety of different oils, changing your oil every few days for the maximum health and hygiene benefits. It really is a matter of personal choice.

How the method works

The first thing which happens when using this method is that the oils are mixed in with your saliva making it turn into a white, rather thin liquid. The lipids which are present in the oils remove the toxins which are present in your saliva. Swishing the oil around the mouth helps the oil to absorb toxins from the gums, the teeth, the tongue and the top of the throat and as it absorbs more toxins it will gradually become thicker yet still whitish in color. When the oil has become thick, white and grungy it is time to spit it out before you may inadvertently reabsorb the toxins which have been removed.


There are many possible benefits, although the method remains the same different benefits can be reached from using a variety of oils.

Using sesame oil can help to increase your oral health overall as it contains an agent which is beneficial to oral health helping to reduce the germ count which is found in the mouth saliva and teeth plaque. It can also help to cleanse the mouth of harmful bacteria reducing the amount of fungal growth.

Other benefits may include:

* Helping to strengthen the gums, jaws and teeth.
* Helping to prevent gum disease, cavities and even gingivitis
* Helping to prevent bad breath
* Provide a holistic method and remedy for dealing with bleeding gums
* Helping to prevent dryness of the mouth, throat and the lips
* Helping to prevent general soreness around the area of the jaw

Many believe that the far reaching benefits go beyond the mouth:

* Relief for migraines and headaches
* Reducing arthritic inflammation
* Helping to reduce the signs of eczema
* Helping to reduce insomnia
* Reducing the effects of a hangover after consuming too much alcohol
* Helping to support the normal function of the kidneys
* Helping to reduce the symptoms of bronchitis
* May help to reduce pain
* Some oil pullers have even reported that it helped to improve their vision

This simple oil pulling method really can make a difference to your health – why not try it?

Pulling Benefits Outweigh Any Inconvenience

When I first heard of oil pulling, I probably reacted the same as most people. It sounded a bit “out there,” if you will, and more than a little bit gross. But it was recommended by a friend whose judgment I trusted, so I decided I should at least hear her out. Then, when I heard Dr. Oz was on board with it and touting the many benefits, I figured, what harm could it do to check it out.

I’ll explain the procedure in a minute, but first you should hear some of the ways it is said that it benefits your health. It’s not just about whiter teeth and better breath; it’s about boosting your immune system and helping all your body’s systems function more smoothly.

In brief: What Is It?

First things first. If you have never heard of it, the term conjures up a strange and probably inaccurate visual! It is actually a very old Ayurvedic remedy for detoxifying your body. It helps eliminate all the harmful bacteria and toxins we have, not only in our mouth, but our whole digestive tract.

After a couple weeks, you can expect to experience a marked improvement in your general well-being and alertness. The benefits to your gums, teeth and throat are but a bonus.

What Oil to Use

Any number of healthy oils can be employed in this method, but the generally recommended oils are coconut, sesame seed or olive oils. Each has its own unique taste and people either love or hate it. If using coconut oil, you may try adding a little peppermint oil to it. Coconut Oil is a more expensive choice, but its many benefits to our health have been well documented. Dr. Oz has done whole shows on the subject.

The Process

It is done by taking a tablespoon of whatever oil you choose and swishing it around in your mouth for 10-15 minutes. Don’t swallow it; just work it between your teeth and swish it against your cheeks. You can carry on your morning routine as you do so. Morning is generally considered the best time to do it to achieve maximum benefits.

It is said the human mouth is a harbinger of many germs and unhealthy bacteria. In fact, it’s said that a bite from a human is a greater threat than is a dog’s bite! It gradually cleanses your mouth of all that undesirable bacteria. It literally prevents it from attaching itself to the oral cavity and cleanses the mouth. The result is an overall healthful feeling.

Oil pulling not only strengthens your teeth and gums, but helps prevent diseases in other parts of your body as well, including the lymphatic system. The benefits include reducing inflammation that causes disease, preventing migraines and hormonal imbalances, improving skin conditions and improving the functioning of the gastro-intestinal tract. It is thought to reduce sinus congestion and allergy issues also.

With all the advantages and virtual lack of disadvantages, this method is certainly worthy of a try.