Pulling Benefits Outweigh Any Inconvenience

When I first heard of oil pulling, I probably reacted the same as most people. It sounded a bit “out there,” if you will, and more than a little bit gross. But it was recommended by a friend whose judgment I trusted, so I decided I should at least hear her out. Then, when I heard Dr. Oz was on board with it and touting the many benefits, I figured, what harm could it do to check it out.

I’ll explain the procedure in a minute, but first you should hear some of the ways it is said that it benefits your health. It’s not just about whiter teeth and better breath; it’s about boosting your immune system and helping all your body’s systems function more smoothly.

In brief: What Is It?

First things first. If you have never heard of it, the term conjures up a strange and probably inaccurate visual! It is actually a very old Ayurvedic remedy for detoxifying your body. It helps eliminate all the harmful bacteria and toxins we have, not only in our mouth, but our whole digestive tract.

After a couple weeks, you can expect to experience a marked improvement in your general well-being and alertness. The benefits to your gums, teeth and throat are but a bonus.

What Oil to Use

Any number of healthy oils can be employed in this method, but the generally recommended oils are coconut, sesame seed or olive oils. Each has its own unique taste and people either love or hate it. If using coconut oil, you may try adding a little peppermint oil to it. Coconut Oil is a more expensive choice, but its many benefits to our health have been well documented. Dr. Oz has done whole shows on the subject.

The Process

It is done by taking a tablespoon of whatever oil you choose and swishing it around in your mouth for 10-15 minutes. Don’t swallow it; just work it between your teeth and swish it against your cheeks. You can carry on your morning routine as you do so. Morning is generally considered the best time to do it to achieve maximum benefits.

It is said the human mouth is a harbinger of many germs and unhealthy bacteria. In fact, it’s said that a bite from a human is a greater threat than is a dog’s bite! It gradually cleanses your mouth of all that undesirable bacteria. It literally prevents it from attaching itself to the oral cavity and cleanses the mouth. The result is an overall healthful feeling.

Oil pulling not only strengthens your teeth and gums, but helps prevent diseases in other parts of your body as well, including the lymphatic system. The benefits include reducing inflammation that causes disease, preventing migraines and hormonal imbalances, improving skin conditions and improving the functioning of the gastro-intestinal tract. It is thought to reduce sinus congestion and allergy issues also.

With all the advantages and virtual lack of disadvantages, this method is certainly worthy of a try.

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