The Method and Benefits

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The ancient art of oil pulling has recently regained favor as a remedy for both oral health and for detoxification. This method is really rather simple and can make a huge difference to your teeth, gums, mouth and even your throat

The Method

The art of this method simply involves putting a teaspoon of oil into your mouth – coconut oil is favored by some people, others prefer sesame oil (cold pressed and organic of course) and then swishing the oil around in the mouth for a few minutes – around 10 or 15 minutes before spitting out the oil.

Which Oils Work Best and Have the Most Benefits

* Cold pressed extra virgin olive oils
* Cold pressed Coconut oil
* Cold pressed Sunflower oil
* Cold pressed olive oil

Some people do advocate using a variety of different oils, changing your oil every few days for the maximum health and hygiene benefits. It really is a matter of personal choice.

How the method works

The first thing which happens when using this method is that the oils are mixed in with your saliva making it turn into a white, rather thin liquid. The lipids which are present in the oils remove the toxins which are present in your saliva. Swishing the oil around the mouth helps the oil to absorb toxins from the gums, the teeth, the tongue and the top of the throat and as it absorbs more toxins it will gradually become thicker yet still whitish in color. When the oil has become thick, white and grungy it is time to spit it out before you may inadvertently reabsorb the toxins which have been removed.


There are many possible benefits, although the method remains the same different benefits can be reached from using a variety of oils.

Using sesame oil can help to increase your oral health overall as it contains an agent which is beneficial to oral health helping to reduce the germ count which is found in the mouth saliva and teeth plaque. It can also help to cleanse the mouth of harmful bacteria reducing the amount of fungal growth.

Other benefits may include:

* Helping to strengthen the gums, jaws and teeth.
* Helping to prevent gum disease, cavities and even gingivitis
* Helping to prevent bad breath
* Provide a holistic method and remedy for dealing with bleeding gums
* Helping to prevent dryness of the mouth, throat and the lips
* Helping to prevent general soreness around the area of the jaw

Many believe that the far reaching benefits go beyond the mouth:

* Relief for migraines and headaches
* Reducing arthritic inflammation
* Helping to reduce the signs of eczema
* Helping to reduce insomnia
* Reducing the effects of a hangover after consuming too much alcohol
* Helping to support the normal function of the kidneys
* Helping to reduce the symptoms of bronchitis
* May help to reduce pain
* Some oil pullers have even reported that it helped to improve their vision

This simple oil pulling method really can make a difference to your health – why not try it?